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IONTOSORB ® is a private company since 1991. We produce sorbents based on macroporous Bead Cellulose (Macroporous Sorbents for Bioseparations, Ion Exchange, Affinity and Dye-Ligand Chromatography, Chelating (Selective) Sorbents, IMAC and Sorbents for Enzyme Immobilization, Magnetic Sorbents, Functional Magnetic Beads, Magnetic Separation in Biosciences and Biotechnologies, Encapsulated Tinctures from Medicinal Plants).

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The basic carrier of all sorbents IONTOSORB is the macroporous Bead Cellulose, produced according to the original method developed in the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry - Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

The hydrophilic character of macroporous bead cellulose, its high porosity, a great internal area and, last but not least, the fact that the introduced functional groups are separated from the cellulose matrix, results in acceleration of reaction rates and rapid establishing of exchange factors of sorbents Iontosorb. In combination with good mechanical properties these features promote their utilization also high-rate liquid chromatography of various low-molecular and high-molecular substances.

All types of sorbents can be delivered also as MAGNETIC SORBENTS used for magnetic separations.

All sorbents IONTOSORB ®are macroporous and show higher mechanical strength then common sorbents with natural matrix. These properties are advantgeous in pilot plant low pressure liquid chromatographic applications and biotechnology. Macroporous bead cellulose and its derivatives are sold under the same Iontosorb® Trade Mark (Reg. No.: 326187 - 0491006; 07/11/2012).